kid-acting-headshots-makeup-or-not?Kid’s Acting Headshots: Makeup or Not?

I love working with kids to get them great headshots. They too need to be able to break from the pack with dynamic, engaging images that will get the acting gigs they want. Just like my adult actor clients.

But how do you enhance your child’s uniqueness without piling on the heavy makeup? And why would a child wear makeup? After all, casting directors are interested in seeing what you really look like. However, a little makeup can go a long way in bringing out your child’s best features.

The amount of makeup to be worn depends on the child’s age. Let’s start with the little ones. A child between the ages of 5 – 8 would do well with moisturizer (that would be true for everyone) and ever-so slightly tinted lip gloss. This is especially true in the winter months here in the mid-Atlantic. I love all things e.l.f. and their Jumbo Lip Gloss stick is perfect. The variety of neutral, subtle colors are numerous and the price is right at $2.00 each. The e.l.f brand can be found at Target but you can also order from e.l.f.’s online store.

For everyone, a good night’s sleep goes a long way to looking engaged, but is especially true for older kids. For children between 9 and 12 I would suggest a moisturizer, a little tinted lip gloss and clear mascara from e.l.f.   If your daughter is 14 or older, foundation, blush, mascara and even eye shadow will really enhance skin and eyes. I work with an amazing makeup/hair professional who specializes in a light, natural style that doesn’t look like makeup at all! This is especially important in covering up blemishes without caking up the skin with foundation.

Boys are also encouraged to wear moisturizer and a little tinted lip gloss. Digital cameras are so sensitive that applying these two will go a long way in creating a fresh, healthy look.