If you’ve been a very recent client, you’ve probably taken my survey. I ask a few basic questions like “what do you hope to accomplish by getting new headshots?”, “what’s your biggest fear about getting headshots” and “what books, movies and music do you like?” I admit it, I’m nosy, but I want to know a little about who you and how I can take the best headshot of possible. I really want you to get that acting gig or new job or new client. It’s also a blast to know what everyone’s reading and listening to. Cornelia Hart, a lovely client I worked with recently turned me on to Duffy, check out this YouTube video. I know, I know, you probably think I’ve been living under a rock, but hey, better late than never, right?

So, speaking of surveys, I’d love to know if opening another studio in the Baltimore area would make you more likely to book an actor or business headshot session. Please click here to take the survey. And depending on the results of course, I’ll be letting all my Maryland friends know when and how soon we can make it happen.

I worked with these two cuties recently on creating actor headshots for their college acceptance auditions. Yes. It’s true. You must submit a reasonably good headshot along with your SAT scores, your essay and your audition tape. Better to increase your chances by have a professional photographer do the job. The competition is fierce!