One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I get to work with actors of all ages.

I enjoy working with actor kids because they are so poised.  But it’s also a real treat to work with experienced grownup too! I recently had a chance to work with “G”, a very talented 10-year old who loves acting and dance who needed new headshots for an upcoming audition.  “G” was so polite and curious and quite the gentleman. Here are just two of the many great images we got from our session.

working with actors of all ages in DC, Virginia, Maryland


Bruce Rauscher has been acting professionally for a time and was encouraged by his acting coach to update his acting headshots. We had lively session with lots of chatting, shooting and more chatting. However, Bruce was always ready with the right pose when I snapped the shutter. Great session Bruce!

working with actors of all ages in Virginia, Maryland and DC

working with actors of all ages in Maryland, Virginia and DC

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