After the new year I decided to take a closer look at my customers over for the last several years. I was astonished to find that almost 60% of my actor headshot clients are kids! I guess I hadn’t realized this before since most of them are between the ages of 14 and 21. And because they’re usually a bit more confident and outgoing, I never felt that I was really photographing a child. Don’t get me wrong! Children are not bad to work with. I have two of my own, who I love dearly and pretty much forced them to pose for me so that I could practice my photography long ago. They’re all grown up now and assure me that they not damaged psychologically!

I’ve  worked closely with their parents too. Every parent I’ve met and most of the kids realize that acting is a business endeavor and take their work pretty seriously.

Does this sound like you and your child? Is your family committed to the rigors of auditioning and performing and confident in their ability to weather the ups and downs.


Here are a few resources that might give you some answers:

If you haven’t been on the Backstage website Check it out. It’s a great place to find a plethora of articles on child acting. Look specifically at the section called bkids.

And just as important as learning about the business of acting, there are also classes and workshops in the area to learn how to act!

Here are two in the NOVA area:

Acting for Young People

Good Luck and hope the babies “break a leg!”